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What services I provide you In SEO

Business Planning

We make plans for your business. To make your business a reality.

Competitor Analysis

Let's take a closer look at the competitor of your business and see what he has done. Let's make the perfect plan to do better than that.

Ready website design

After planning, we create a great design for your website as well as a logo

Data Entry

Then we have the data entry work. Let's show your business goals in an informative way.

Live website

After adding your business information, let's make your website live on one of the best server.

SEO website Audit

The task after making a website live is to submit your website to search engine which is called SEO. The initial work of SEO is website audit which we do with our unique tools

Remove Errors

After the website audit we fix the errors found in it

On Page

Then we optimize the On-Page of your website

Optimizing Meta Tags

Let's optimize your meta tags after On-Page

Off Page

This is followed by off-page seo in which we create backlinks to your website that match your niche as needed.

Find Niche Backlinks

We find and build backlinks that match your niche.

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

Analyze your competitor's backlinks and work on them.

Organic Results

We provide you with the organic results of your business

Ranking Report

We release your business ranking report.

Digital Marketing

With digital marketing SEO we show your business in the top results of Google. In addition we do your business worldwide in mints with pay per click and Google adwords.

Pay Per Click

With Pay Per Click and google adwords we make your business worldwide in minutes and seconds

Google Adsence

With google adwords we make your business worldwide in minutes and seconds.

Facebook Adsence

With Facebook adsence we can show your business to people of any age group in any place you want.

Lead Generation

Provides information on leads to your website or page traffic

Facebook Page Creation

We will create a new facebook page for you

Instagram Page Creation

We will create a new instagram page for you.

Linkedin Page Creation

We will create a new linkedin page for you.

Twitter page Creation

We will create a new twitter page for you.

Youtube Channel Creation

We will create for you new youtube channel.

Google Reviews

We offer you genuine google reviews for your website or any page.

E Mail Marketing

Through E Mail Marketing we let customers know about your business and ask for your services.

Content Writing Services

We also have high quality Content Writers available that provide customers' preferred content through high content per your business.

Video Creation

We also do video creation for your business

Graphic Designing

We also have graphic designers that provide a great website design for your website.

Youtube Channel Suscriber

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What services I provide you In Development

WordPress Development

In WordPress Development we provide you with all kinds of websites that we create in a very short time.

Custom Website Development

Singh Web Solutions offers you custom website development in which you can customize the website.

E- Commerce Website Development

In E-Commerce Website Development we provide you a website to sell your products.

Magento Website Development

We have all kinds of websites in Magento. We have many magento experts.

APP Development

We provide you with all kinds of Android and I-Phone apps. Contact us to create amazing apps.

All Types Website Development

We do all kinds of website development. You must give us a chance.